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Starting date:
15th February

This course was designed for students with no coding experience. Prior experience with languages other than HTML, CSS, and Javascript will definitely give you the boost when learning the basics. And if you already know something about web development, you might want to still challenge yourself and use your independence to come up with more sophisticated project ideas.

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2 weeks

1 on 1 mentoring

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Certificate of Completion

Enrollment Deadline:
February 11th 2023

Build your Website

In two weeks, and with no prior coding experience, you will have built a one-page layout, a landing page, and even your own personal website! 

Skill development

Get to develop your web design skills as well as the soft skills implemented in the project-based learning method (critical thinking, creativity, global awareness, problem solving...)

Interactive Sessions

Each session is a step further toward your projects when you will learn, discuss, and challenge yourself through diverse activities! 

Course Timeline

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The Projects

Each guided project includes a description of user-centered features, a project plan, and step-by-step instructions that lead to a fully functioning website. Through these guided projects - as well as through labs sprinkled throughout the course - you will be able to customize features according to your interests. At the same time, you’ll be performing the kind of work you can expect in a web development workplace.

The first project is a One-page layout, a simple single-page web design with no additional pages like About, Team, or Services. You’ll learn the basics of HTML & CSS. You’ll also learn about IDEs, how to choose one, UX/UI design basics, and documentation.


The second project is a Landing page design, where visitors land when they first visit your website. You’ll use inspirations from professional companies, and replicate or design a new landing page of your choice. You’ll learn about more in-depth about CSS, and know how to find what you’re looking for on resources like W3Schools


The third project (optional) is anything you want to design. Whether it is your Resume, digital portfolio, or a website for your brand, we will support you and set you on a path to take this project to the next level. 


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I’m from Cairo in Egypt and I am extremely passionate about emerging technologies and would love to innovate with you

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The challenges I faced uniquely shaped my identity, and my passion for STEM led me to attend the world's first traveling high school. As someone who always ponders how and why things exist, I found my distraction in investigating science and technology and found peace in working with them. I developed countless computer programs, hundreds of websites, and dozens of games & simulations. I believe that together we can create the next bound of innovation."

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A 2-day Bootcamp aiming to provide budding entrepreneurs with the tools to design and implement innovative ideas.

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“Everyone can code but not everyone can problem solve”. A four week camp to learn the fundamentals of coding and problem solving.

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Make a positive environmental impact in your community with Ur Planet! 

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