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Starting date:
9th February 

A transformative program designed to empower individuals to drive impactful sustainability initiatives. Immerse yourself in three weeks of comprehensive sessions, guided by experienced mentors, and gain interdisciplinary skills, problem-solving abilities, and a network of like-minded changemakers.

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3 weeks

1 on 1 mentoring

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Certificate of Completion

Enrollment Deadline:
February 5th 2023

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Make a positive environmental impact in your community with Ur Planet! 

Personalized Project Creation

Create a unique sustainable project tailored to your interests and expertise. With individualized guidance and support, you'll have the freedom to explore and address specific sustainability challenges relevant to your community, making your project truly impactful.

Holistic Learning Experience

Beyond just project development, ThinkGreen offers a comprehensive learning experience. You'll delve into global sustainability issues, develop problem-solving skills, engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions, and learn from expert guest speakers. This multifaceted approach ensures you acquire the knowledge, mindset, and skills necessary for creating sustainable change.


ThinkGreen fosters a supportive community where you can exchange ideas, receive constructive feedback, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Through peer presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities, you'll benefit from diverse perspectives, expand your network, and forge lifelong connections with fellow participants who share your passion for sustainability.


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The Project

ThinkGreen's program empowers you to make a meaningful impact through your own sustainable project, combining exploration, solution-focused strategies, and hands-on project development. Over the course of our meetings and personalized guidance, you'll delve into various aspects of your project, ensuring its success and positive impact. Here are the three key elements we'll explore:

Exploration and Problem Identification

 In the early stages, we'll dedicate time to investigate global sustainability issues to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges we face. Through engaging discussions and research, we'll identify related problems specific to your home country, laying the foundation for your project's focus.


Solution-Focused Strategies

We'll explore different approaches and frameworks for problem-solving, learning how to identify opportunities and generate innovative ideas. Expert guest speakers will provide valuable insights, and through collaborative brainstorming sessions, you'll refine your ideas and develop a strong solution-oriented mindset.


Project Development and Presentation

 As your project takes shape, we'll guide you through the crucial steps of planning, budgeting, and seeking potential collaborators. You'll have the opportunity to present your ideas, receive feedback from peers and mentors, and refine your project. With a focus on effective project management and communication, you'll gain the necessary skills to bring your idea to reality.



Hello, I am Nada, from Morocco. I am a figure skater, an environmental activist, and a chocolate lover! I created 15+ projects in the last 2 years and I am certified by Yale Young Global Scholar for solving global challenges. Last but not least, I am the Founder of Ur-Ed.


We create an environment where you train your brain to create and solve. So let's make the world a better place!

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Our student's feedback

Ur Planet program has given me the exposure to explore alternative learning through project-based learning, during my time I worked on a prototype that solves food waste I was able to develop it from scratch to a final outcome in 2 weeks with the amazing structure and support through mentoring in the program, it has changed the way I look at learning from rote memorizing to actually doing hands-on work.

V.G. Layasree

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Have you ever had an idea for a website and wondered how to make it happen? If so, this course was designed for you!

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“Everyone can code but not everyone can problem solve”. A four week camp to learn the fundamentals of coding and problem solving.

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A 2-day Bootcamp aiming to provide budding entrepreneurs with the tools to design and implement innovative ideas.

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