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Our program aims to leverage your ability for mathematical and logical reasoning which are the core of not only a coding career but most futuristic careers in the job market. In a four week camp, we are going on a journey to learn the fundamentals of coding and problem solving.

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4 weeks

1 on 1 mentoring

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Certificate of Completion

Enrollment Deadline:
February 9th 2023

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“Everyone can code but not everyone can problem solve”. A four week camp to learn the fundamentals of coding and problem solving.

Boost for job applications

The program helps you prepare for your technical interviews through problem-solving coding and codeforces .

Additional certification in c++ coding from the cpp international institute (for an extra administrative fee​

Access to advanced resources

Thanks to the THINKQuest program, you will get access to exclusive advanced books worth a total of 700$. You will also get top-notch content and advice for preparing for interviews.

Interactive Sessions

3h sessions 3 times per week is pretty intense! But fear not, it'll pass in a blink of an eye with all the activities and interactions prepared for you! 

+60 hours of practice

Throughout the whole program, you will have practiced competitive coding for a cumulative 60 hours! Whether it is during the session, an activity, homework, or a competition, practice is at the core of them all. 

Not just coding?

It's not just coding. It's a mixture of:

- Problem-solving skills

- Socializing activities

- Different cultures

- Project-based learning

- And lots of fun!

Course Timeline

The Projects

Each guided project and competition will help you practice your learned skills and knowledge into real life experiences or simulations. Through these guided projects - as well as through labs sprinkled throughout the course - you will be able to customize features according to your interests. At the same time, you’ll be performing the kind of work you can expect in a job interview or an international coding competition.

To prepare you for your mini-project and program graduation project, you will be having 2 mini competitions throughout the program. This will also help you have hands-on real coding competition experience and assess your skills and progress as the program goes.


You will then soon start attacking your first mini-project. However, it's a surprise! 


Finally, you will design your final graduation project by the end of the four weeks! And if completed, you would have officially graduated from the intensive THINKQuest Program.



I am Ahmed from Egypt! I am a:

  • Data analyst and researcher at DinarStandard

  • Cs major from the British university in Egypt

  • Entrepreneurial and tech enthusiast 

  • Certified by the minister of artificial intelligence in UAE for full-stack development

  • IBM recognized python for data science and AI 

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Everyone can code but not everyone can problem solve.

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Make a positive environmental impact in your community with THINKGreen! 

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Have you ever had an idea for a website and wondered how to make it happen? If so, this course was designed for you!

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A 2-day Bootcamp aiming to provide budding entrepreneurs with the tools to design and implement innovative ideas.

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