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about us. ur ed it not just PBL courses... it is a group of diverse and passionte people! All mentors have a study background at THINK Global school. a traveling high school whose learning system is project based and place-based!
students holding on a rope together in a circle, balancing themselves


Students from around the world learn through the challenging Changemaker Curriculum, a combination of real-world exploration, skills mastery, and project-based learning

Meet Our Team

Nada Bennani


Nada Bennani, founder and mentor
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Hello, I am Nada, from Morocco.
I am a figure skater, an environmental activist, and a chocolate lover!
Created 15+ projects in the last 2 years.
Certified by Yale Young Global Scholar for solving global challenges
Founder of Ur-Ed.

Ahmed Abdallah

Mentor of Ur Quest

Ahmed Abdallah think quest mentor
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Hello, I am Ahmed from Egypt! I am a:

  • Data analyst and researcher at DinarStandard

  • Cs major from the British university in Egypt

  • Entrepreneurial and tech enthusiast 

  • Certified by the minister of artificial intelligence in UAE for full-stack development

  • IBM recognized python for data science and AI 

Sara Guessous

Mentor of Ur Startup

sara guessous think entrepreneur mentor
Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 11.28.30 PM.png

I am Sara Guessous, from Morocco. For the past two years, I have been traveling with my school to different countries which made me learn and explore many new cultures. It was also then that I found out how passionate I am about entrepreneurship, which led me to start Touch-Up, a series of entrepreneurship Bootcamps all around the world aimed to develop the entrepreneurial mindset of young people. 

Abdelrahim (Bido)

Mentor of Ur Web

Abdelrahim mentor of think web
think web logo

I’m extremely passionate about emerging technology and would love to innovate with you

-  from Cairo, Egypt

-certified active global citizen for social impact

- Current project: brain-computer interfacing, using programming skills with bio-medical engineering to record brain waves and control things in a computer with thoughts.

Zhaniya Kinbayeva

External Mentor 

zhaniya kinbayeva external mentor

Hi! I’m Zhaniya (or Jane) and I’m an individual passionate about areas such as sustainability, technology, product design, psychology, dancing and so much more. Mindset is key in everything and I’m here to share my rich experience and support the students in all areas of development.

Tobin Mayo-Kiely

External Mentor 

tobin mayo-kiely external mentor

I have been passionate about and interested in alternative education for most of my life, having attended both Montessori and student-led schools before finding project-based learning at TGS. I love sharing this passion with others, as well as other passions such as neuroscience, anthropology, and gender studies. Currently, I am studying Psychology and Education at Mount Holyoke College with the intention of becoming an elementary school counselor.

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