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What is Ur-Ed?

core aspects

Core Aspects

Project-based learning is at the core of it all. Students will learn through the process and will get feedback along the way. They will be guided by THINK Global School alumni and students to make their projects a reality. By the end of the program, the students will receive a certificate demonstrating that they successfully completed the program.

online course company

Online Course Company

Ur-Ed is an online course provider, founded by THINK Global School alumni. It helps students worldwide connect, learn about different topics of their interest, and create a project through project-based learning.

project based learning

Project Based Learning

Learning by doing. A project teaches you independence, critical thinking, problem-solving, and perseverance. It helps you improve and create new skills that will help you adapt and thrive in an increasingly globalized world! With project-based learning, you learn more about yourself and get to focus on your passions and your  goals.

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Our Students Feedback

Unlock the key to success with us

Outsanding Experience 

Ur-Ed has made me develop as a student, a person, a citizen and has made me realize the immense responsibility that I hold for the global community. The mentors, the community, my peers, and the interactions had made me come across ideas that made me inspire, learn and develop my own thoughts into actions. It was surely the best decision I could take this summer to learn not only from people around the globe but also about skills of a lifetime, and my mentor was truly an inspiration I had admired from.

falatrika student testimonial

Falatrika G.


Outsanding Experience 

 The Think Green program was a big help to me, not only did it expand my knowledge in the wide, trending, upcoming world of the sustainable living but also project-based learning. I really enjoyed my time in the program. Project-based learning might get a little overwhelming at first, but trust me, it's a really great way of learning once you can catch up. Our mentor definitely helped us along the course of our program, giving us feedback and letting us know our areas of improvement. I definitely would say it was really a fruitful program.

zakiyah student testimonial

Zakiyah Siddiqah Rahman


Outsanding Experience 

My favorite part about the program was how fun and informative it was at the same time! Information was so well presented and in such an innovative way that I had never seen before. This way of learning helped me not only to catch information but to grow my soft and analytical skills. Truly shows the uniqueness of the institution that UR ED is. I'm so grateful for being able to be a part of this program! It's truly life-changing!


Samaira Mirza


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